About me

I’ve been working for 15 years in the Gothsland art gallery, which I now direct. I’ve also contributed together with the rest of my family in the Museu del Modernisme Català project during the last five years. I am the author of several catalogues on Modernisme, specifically on Catalan painters. I’ve specialized on Ramón Casas’s work, and within a research team (Isabel Artigas, Marc Codina, Isabel Coll and myself) we are working on the publication of a complete catalogue on the drawings of Casas.

gabriel pinos

In the sports section I took part in the following events:
Ironman: Challenge Barcelona – Maresme (Finisher, 2011)
Half ironman: Half Challenge Barcelona – Maresme (Finisher, 2012)
Titan Desert (2009)
24h Ciclistes Montjuïc (Finisher 2009)
Marathon Barcelona (Finisher 2012, 2011)
1/2 Marathon Barcelona (Finisher 2012, 2011)
Garmin Barcelona Triathlon (Finisher 2010)

And several editions in the following 10km races:
Cursa Bombers
Cursa de la Mercè
Human Race
Jean Bouin
Cursa dels Nassos
Cursa Nocturna de l’Hospitalet
Cursa d’El Corte Inglés


Un comentario en “About me”

  1. Magda
    15/08/2013 a 10:04 PM #

    Un ejemplo de integridad y honradez en lo personal y en lo profesional.


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